This seminar will focus on common bio-stressors encountered in modern day life. The presentation will demonstrate bio-feedback technique to isolate the stressors, and correct approach to utilize the technique. At the end of the first day, people attending will have practice sessions in small groups, with personal instruction, assuring that they will be able to use the techniques on their own. The “Bio-Stressor” seminar will offer alternatives wherever possible, to substitute non biological stressors for bio-stressors, as well as offer unique and effective bio-resonant protective technologies, to strengthen the system. 


*Overview of human biological system. Concept of human nervoussystem as bio-computer.  CPU, Central processing unit, taking in information, processing it and output measureable as vital signs, muscle strength and other ‘bio-computer’ display. 

*Concept of stress as main causative factor in all disease states.  *-Overview of the endocrine system, and how the biological system responds to stress 

*Overview of human “subtle energy” system, including ancient Indian understanding, and how modern infrastructure often does not support the function and integrity of these fundamental energy systems.


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*presentation of stunning, new photographic imagery, depicting subtle

energy interacting with the human biological system



*DIETARY-focussing on sugars, fats, and salt. An Ayurvedic perspective of this very much misunderstood and critical aspect of total wellbeing 

*ENVIRONMENTAL stressors-petrochemical(hydrocarbon) buildup from car exhausts and other sources-lighting, from fluorescent lights. Discussion of the ancient ayurvedic “rasayana” (rejuvenation) substance that can safely remove petrochemicals from the cell membrane-architectural, including a discussion of building materials, and geometries that create bio-stress, and positive alternatives 


Overview of this exceptionally important area including :

*dental filling materials, which ones are really safe and which are hidden bio-stressors

*how the dental drill is the cause of ongoing worldwide tooth breakdown and loss*the modern laser alternative to the dental drill, and the misunderstandings around its usage

*the hazards of conventional root canal therapy, and how root canal therapy can be performed as a safe, biologically acceptable procedure 

*ELECTRO-MAGNETIC-man-made electro-magnetic radiation(EMR)

Commonly found sources,their effects on biological functioning and subtle energies.

-safe alternative technologies that can be utilized, as well as ways ofusing hazardous technologies such as mobile phones, with minimumbio-stress-use of effective sympathetic resonance technologies to support subtle energy control mechanisms, assisting physical, mental and emotional  wellbeing.


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The Seminar will be presented by Mark Abriel, D.C. (USA)

Mark has been in private chiropractic practice for over fifteen years, and is currently the director of Byron Bay Holistic Chiropractic. Mark did post graduate studies with Applied Kinesiology, receiving 100 hour certification, as well as with Dr. Allan Beardall, of Oregon, USA, developer of Clinical kinesiology and the Bio-Computer model of human functioning.  Mark has also studied and taught seminars in Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India. Mark has been involved in subtle energy research for many years, and his photographic documentation of subtle energies has been seen around the world. Mark is the developer of new colour, laser light and electro-magnetic protective technologies such as the Bion Pendant